The Unseen Slap-Chop is the Deadliest

2014-03-21 12.18.23One of my class projects last year was sent to GDC (Game Developers Conference). Drexel had the opportunity to submit a few games to an event/contest sponsored by Intel. I was chosen to be one of the four presenters and it was a roller-coaster of an experience. We had attempts to make last minute features work and it was not met with a great deal of success, the game had a few dodgy sections that careful planning helped us avoid during our presentation. During the presentation the audio cut out leaving the sections where the AI in the game was supposed to step in and fill some time void of all sound. The game then froze and we were left with an ever increasing amount of awkward silence. Needless to say it was a slightly stressful situation when standing mid-failure  in front of a few hundred industry professionals in a field you love. On the upside, I have an increased sense of calm while speaking publicly as I doubt it could ever be worse than that. The following day we gave a much more casual presentation on the show floor and I got to wear a fancy headset. My friends said I looked like the slap-chop guy.